Sunday, May 18, 2008

Desperately Trying To Avoid Studying...

Arg! I am so desperate to avoid studying for the finals that I have this coming week that I am actually writing to my blog. Gadzooks!

I love this one. A new bug database. One can use it to complain about absolutely anything. At last. Now, of course, there is a question. Where does one start? Maybe I should complain about not being able to decide which complaint to file first.

In further news, what was I thinking? Apropos of nothing, here are domains that I own. What am I doing with them? In some cases, I have no idea. But there it is.

* communitytinderbox.[com/net/org]
* donortracker.[com/net]
* easywalkingdistanct.[com/net/org]
* globalidentifier.[com/org]
* openwebobjects.[com/net/org]
* ratedwebservices.[com/net]
* slashvote.[com/net/org]
* sorrynopony.[com/net/org]
* universalhealthcarenow.[com/org]
* wykiwyk.[com/org]


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