Friday, April 13, 2007

Flying to NY, What Does the DHS Say? :-)

Terror Alert Level

With thanks to I feel much better now....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Frustrated With iTunes

Yes, it is stupid. On the one hand, being frustrated with iTunes is an exercise in futility. If people complain, will the iTunes developers listen? No. On the other hand, being frustrated with iTunes is an exercise in futility. What else are you going to use? Sigh.

Well, if one is playing music from one's own collection, I have found SongBird to be darned nice. And it is Gecko-based, so it is cross-platform. See? Windows apps do not have to be ugly. They generally will be, but only because they want to be.

One thing I have not figured out is how to do is listen to podcasts. I like podcasts a lot, but the iTunes behavior is amazingly annoying. It decides I have not listened to a podcast in a certain time and stops pulling it. Gee. Thanks for being so helpful, but how about letting me decide what I want to download. Not being able to schedule the downloads myself? Do not even get me started.

And downloading three at a time, and I cannot change this behavior? Now, every time the Internet is slow, my kids ask if iTunes is running. Good brand maintenance, Apple.

Hm. Well, sorry about this. There may be easy solutions to these problems. Maybe I just needed to gripe and now I can go search for the solutions. I used to like iTunes, though. O well.