Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Perhaps My Own Summer of Code?

Realizing I have said practically nothing personal on this blog, let me preface by saying I recently quit the Developer Tools group at Apple, worked a short contract at Mozilla Co, but am now taking some time off and finishing school. I am getting a BA in math at San Jose State University.

I was taking summer classes. I thought I could get some non-math requirements out of the way. What a joke! The campus administration encourages departments to offer classes in the summer, but the real incentives (the $$$) are set up to discourage it. Many departments offer no classes. Many categories of the required classes have very few sections being offered.

I have seen more dysfunctional organizations.... Well, maybe not. It is just sad. I would really like to thank all those people who voted for Prop 13 in the seventies. You handily managed to screw up the entire educational system here. It used to be a respected model around the country. Now, it is a joke, all the way from K-12 to 4-year universities. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

So, after getting into two of the classes I am going to need to take, I discovered there is a new class that lets you finish all the upper division requirements. Did anyone mention this as I was asking about upper-division classes? Of course not.

At least now I have a chance to have my own little summer of code. There are definitely a bunch of things I want to work on.

I will be putting some of these apps at my "main" site, http://www.ganymede.org, and others at another "main" site, http://www.wykiwyk.com. If anyone sees anything good on these site, or anything horrible, please let me know. Thanks.