Sunday, February 01, 2009

from Rebecca Walker, hypercapitalism in the world...

I found something in an article I am reading for a class. This part is just one paragraph from the essay but it is brilliant. This is from "We Are Using This Power to Resist" by Rebecca Walker. It originally appeared in The Fire This Time: Young Activists and the New Feminism, edited by Vivien Labaton and Dawn Lundy Martin.

What I don't know is that even though there is no Us and Them, and we need to move beyod binarism and labels and to have compassion for all, including the heads of neinous multinational corporations and the executives at the IMF, the truth is that there is a clear line in the sand. That line ois global hypercapitalism, that line is greed, that line is human exploitation, that line is the utter disregard for the delicate balance of the earth. Either you believe that the system that ensures 50 percent of the world's resources for 6 percent of its population by any and all means necessary is leading us to annihilation one cancer case at a time, or you do not. Whether or not you are able to act in opposition to this reality in every instance is beside the point. Do you see it?